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The things that no body talks about

Hey people, a formal introduction is not my thing but for the purpose of this post it is necessary I suppose as I will be referring to my personal venture with the establishment of an empire. Its not really an empire, it is a business, an educational system, a mentorship, the little light at the end of the tunnel...a big tree with many branches, that I will further elaborate after I properly introduce my self for the first time. My official name is Francys I am 27 years young (because I’m not old) and I enjoy engaging in monologues, apparently. My life has been a roller coaster ride just like every other enigma reading this post and thanks to my constant life battles I have become the ravishing women I am today. I’m not the sharing type when it comes to my personal experiences, and I blame it on the combination of day, time, and year that I was born as the alignment of the planets at that particular moment classifies me as a Libra leading to my personality disorder of being an introvert. What a peculiar assumption right? Blame our personalities on the position of rocks, in space, at a particular time frame…yeah. Anyways, we are going to skip my childhood tragedies and go into my adolescent years specifically when I graduated high school and decided I did not want to pursue college. Immediately, I thought well I can’t just do nothing, so I went to join the navy. All the signs of the universe were pointing in the opposite direction and redirected me back to enrolling in college. From that day forward my long journey began, the one where I chose 20 different career paths just like every other college student reading this post, until I found my narrow path to one. Applied Behavior Analysis, which are just some big fancy words for a person who analyzes behavior based on environmental events. You thought I was going to say something common like business or psychologist but that is not the kind of person you are reading about. I am the person that is far from common, but we will save that story for another day. Main idea is that I went to school and now I have a master’s degree plus this beautiful tree with branches. Puzzle Me Academy was born from nothing like the big bang theory it was just poof there. As soon as it came to be it was an explosion of ideas. Mercy (my partner in business and friendship but not like marriage) literally threw herself off an airplane with no parachute which is my metaphorical explanation for her starting the business, finding students, teaching courses with supervisors, and selling merchandise with absolutely no idea or actual experience in any of the above. Do not get me wrong though she was in the field for six years, had a supervisor, and was knowledgeable in the material but she had never run a business with clients ever before in her life and she was just like “its now or never”. I remember asking her: “how do you know what to teach the students? how do you get students? How do you teach? how do you have so many clients?” She was so confident in her idea of Puzzle Me Academy and in her ability to make it what she wanted that she would just be like how do you not?

One day after I saw that she wasn’t kidding, and she was already going to teach a third group of students I was like I need to come see. Just as easy as she made it sound when she described it to me is exactly what I observed it to be. I was literally in shock; she was like a one-man circus juggling, tight rope, unicycle you name it, she did it. I was inspired by her passion and dedication honestly; it was thought provoking. At first, my inner “must help my friend” voice kicked into action, and I started helping with little tasks here and there, I started to go to all the classes, and eventually I started teaching some too. Shortly after, I was completely invested and Puzzle Me Academy became OURS and this is when the tree grew a million branches. There is no such thing as ok, so we came up with this big idea and everything just worked out and now we are rich, retired, traveling all around the word spreading the idea, and flourished with clients. This brilliant illuminating idea came with its many obstacles that I am not going to talk about because Mercy has a whole book blog written on our struggles and I’ll leave that boring mission to her. But moral of the story is that we had to figure out how to work together as business partners, while juggling a masters, clients, and a full-time job which we both eventually quit. Wait, I also forgot to mention while we were studying for our board exam, making handmade toys, trying to maintain a social life, and a podcast (that has not launched yet) … wow we are truly the definition of extra.

It has been a gratifying journey and it has evolved my mind set in ways I never imagined. I am eternally grateful to say that we are making a year this month and if you would have told me that I would be here back then I would’ve believed you. When you are working hard on something you have passion for the vision is there and nothing can change it no matter the time, money, or sacrifices. You can see it so clear that you have been living in it since the day you started to believe it. Just want to finish this post with saying that you need to believe in YOU, YOU as in your thoughts, goals, visions, dreams YOU need to believe it and be ready to fight like hell for it because the pits of fire that you’re going to fall into are hot as hell. So, pack some sunscreen and aloe and get to it.

Your favorite human, the EPIC one.

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