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So.. You're in a "funk"?

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Have you ever tried to vent to someone about things you have been struggling with and their answer is the one response most people struggle to understand? The very basic one "Just love the process"or "learn to love the process". We often hear or see a post about this statement but what we don’t hear is that we absolutely freaking hate the process; right before we LEARN to love it.

Why I'm I saying that? At least for me, I had to realize that there was so many things left for me to learn through failures and wrong investments. To teach me that in the future I should think twice before I invest, this goes for money or giving anyone my time. That is just one of the things I had to realize thanks to the lessons failures have brought me. I had to really hate the "process" to finally start loving it. This only happened once I realized that I was not coming across these failures because the universe was out to get me or because all failures were specifically saved for me. Instead I learned I was being molded into a better business owner and to be honest.... just a better person over all. I had to see myself in the darkest of places, to be able to LOVE when I was not in that "dark" place. If you are going to take anything with you after reading this post, really understand this. Read it twice so that you are less likely to forget it. The longer you take to realize you must accept that these so called “failures” are actually trying to teach you something. You will continue to feel as if you are failing or running on the same treadmill, full incline, same speed, and no success. As if you cannot continue moving forward unless you have a million dollars, a business with hard working employees & since you don’t have that, then it's only obvious you must give up. You get where I’m going with this right?

Take control of your mind, otherwise your mind will take control over you. This is how you can fall into depression & that’s why so many people say if you are depressed it is because you want to be. It is 100 percent, your choice! It’s easier to feel bad for yourself than to actually get out of bed and do something different.Try to learn to observe your thoughts, instead of reacting towards them. Make a list of things you DO want instead of that extra long list, of things going wrong for you. Not to mention, these are all things I also do, its in our nature to do so. I know other people do this because I used to do this ALL the time, in fact I did that for way longer than I should of. It was so much easier just to stay in bed and do absolutely nothing all day.

Whenever I find myself in a funk I tell myself, "Stop making that soup!". Why I am relating depression and feeling in a funk with a soup? It is because I grew up being taught that if anyone is sick or not feeling well; We make them a soup and they magically start to feel better. That is what I associate being in a funk with, especially when I already started something and I find myself "stuck". Chances are I brought myself to feeling this way & I start making this soup, with all these ingredients that my soup does not need. What are they? Self-doubt, arguments to explain to my loved ones, blaming others, not enough time, not enough money, not the right time. So once I am finished making this soup with lots of extra ingredients, I still have to eat it or drink it. And the result is probably always the same in the end and all the time I spent making the soup was a huge waste of time and definitely only made me feel worse.

Point is, stop feeling bad for yourself, no one is going to work at something for YOU, harder than YOU. Stop making that soup with all of those extra incredients and just find the main ingredients it needs. Why are you in a funk? something went wrong? or not as expected? GREAT! TRY AGAIN, but first try pin-pointing the right ingredient to add to your soup. All of the time you might spend adding the ones you don't need are a huge waste of time. That same amount of time, spend it finding the right ingredient and I promise you will see a change. At least I have and that I know of, I have ZERO super human powers, as cool as it would've been to be able to fly.... Nope, just a regular girl, once again sharing the little knowledge and perspective I have gained.

PS. This is only step one on how to start loving the process, My step two is one that I have found works according to my perspective on things. But go find out what will work for you and let me know how it goes. GOODLUCK & KICK A** AT IT!

Thank you fo reading!

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