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About Us

Puzzle Me Academy was born to cater to the needs of a growing profession with an urgency of exemplary training and high standards of supervision. Our goal is to provide the preliminaries of superior education and up-to-date practices necessary to become proficient and an autonomous Registered Behavior Technicians. Board-certified clinicians at our center are trained to provide one-on-one and group instruction to ensure solid learning and instructional control throughout the certification process and beyond.
Our founders are very passionate about being able to provide the service they wished they had found while starting their career in the field that changed their life. 

How It Works

We are a modern center offering ethical and thorough training using proven evidence-based practices by qualified certificants.
Puzzle Me Academy specializes in anything ABA related; our mission is to make sure every student knows that they have something to go to for any questions or conserns. 
From where to get started in the field, getting a job and enrolling back in school. Everyone in Puzzle Me Academy is dedicated to helping those who want to be guided in a direction that best suits them. 
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