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Major Keys to finding a job as an RBT!

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Congrats you've found your lost piece in the ABA field!

Let's dive right in, it is a complete myth that you will not find a job as an RBT once you pass your board exam. This does not mean that once you pass your board exam you will have multiple agencies lined up waiting for you to call them. In most fields, especially if you live in Miami, you have to stand out in order for a company to call you back. Which brings to my attention the importance of a resume. Make sure you have a well written resume, explaining all of your skills, education experience and ofcourse your previous work experience. If you need help organizing your resume, search some templates on google & DO NOT COPY A RESUME, companies notice these kind of things and that would be called plagiarism!

Once you organize your resume, get ready to make a list of things you want to make sure your agency can offer you. It is completely normal for most agencies to not provide employees with insurances or 401k. IF you are new in the field, you want to work in a company that is willing to provide staff training. Remember that as an RBT you need to have 5 percent of your hours supervised, (Stay tuned for our blog on supervisers). If working with medicaid is something that interest you, make sure that this agency you might work with is willing to provide you with the medicaid provider ID (many agencies will not, but do not stop searching there are many that will.)

Now find your computer or your smart phone and make a list of places you are going to call. Search "Google" & type "ABA agencies" write down, take a screen shot, copy and paste the name & send them to your friend; whatever works for you, Get it done. Write down 50 different agencies, name, location and number. I'm I being extreme telling you to write down 50 different places? MAYBE... MAYBE NOT! How badly do you want it? Agencies do not owe you anything, YOU are the one that is interested in finding a job. You are going to do this for an entire week, 50 agencies a day! Finding an agency that can provide you with training, supervision and other benefits can take some time. Do not jump at the first agency that offers you a job, YOU MUST SHOP!

Great now you have your list from google!! Now go on indeed and search other ABA agencies that are hiring and send in your resume through indeed. Make a list of the ones you sent your resume to because you always want to stay organized. You got the easy part over with.... I'm proud of you! NOW GET TO CALLING!

Make sure to ask if they are hiring, what are the requirements and make your appointment; if they offer you an interview. Do not cancel the interview, this job is your priority. You already have a lot of time and money invested into this journey! This is for my new RBT's, Especially those who are also enrolled in school being prepared to grow in this field. BE THE TYPE OF PERSON THAT SEEKS TRAINING! Those who think they know it all, actually know nothing at all. That might of been harsh.. BUT I hope I got my point across. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are not sure, if your supervisor is doing their job correctly, or you are not recieving training. DO NOT BE SCARED TO VOICE YOUR CONCERN. Take some time out of your day and navigate through the BACB webpage. The board has provided us with more than enough information for our job to be done correctly, simply not being informed is not a good enough excuse in court... Yes in court!

Now I do not want to scare you out of working in this amazing field, but I do want to voice MY concern on how many people will join the field and expect things to be handed to them. This is a beautiful field, one in which you can grow so much, more than anything it is extremely rewarding knowing that you are helping others and trying your best to do it, to the best of your ability. Please remember that if you are confused about anything, that means you simply do not know & you have to seek help!

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day and reading my first blog! I am so sorry, if anything is misspelled or something looks odd. I do not mean to insult anyone with anything I wrote. I just want to spread awareness; I know many in the field will definitely agree with me. I hope to continue writing these, message me with your feedback. I would really appreciate it!

XOXO, The Behavior Witch

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