How to Become an RBT

Puzzle Me Academy only has ONE request from their students and that is to trust our instuctors to guide them through this new experience!

1. How to get started:

  • High school diploma or highest level of education

  • Local background check

  • Must be 18 years or older


2. Make a BACB account 

3. Enroll in 40-hour RBT course (based on the BACB 2nd edition task list)

4. Complete Initial Competency Assessment 

  • If you fail the Initial Competnecy assessment additional fees may apply, please study!

  • You can schedule your initial competency assessment with us, directly on our site.

5. Submit required documents for RBT application through BACB website.

  • High school diploma or high school transcripts. 

  • Course certificate 

  • Competnecy assessment 

  • Be supervised by a BCaBA or a BCBA

6. Wait for the email confirmation from the board that application was accepted by BCBA/BCaBA.

  • Log in to your account and submit the $50 one-time membership payment to the board

7. Wait for the email confirmation from BACB directed to Pearson Vue

  • Create an account on the Pearson VUE BACB web page. 

(This e-mail can take anywhere from one week to a month to be received, everyones experience is different.)

8. Pick test date and time 

  • Submit $45 dollar payment to Pearson VUE 

• If you complete the 40-hour course and competency assessment through Puzzle Me Academy. We will 

guide you through the paperwork process!


Good luck future RBTs